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Are you headache with some Chinese suppliers for below problems? Solutions Here!
Good quality for the first one, two or several orders, but lower down the order quality after your orders become stable.
Frequently chat with the supplier online if you have time, just like you are seeing someone, the more times you are seeing him or her, the more you know him or her.
Start with several fairly small orders, and test if the supplier is trustworthy.
Must keep the original samples the supplier sent you, and check every order quality by comparing with the original samples.
Once you find the quality problem at the first time, tell them what you want now or next step.
Not have a strict management on quality control, even no quality inspection before shipment.
first to make sure you do not offer the supplier a very tight delivery time. Ask the supplier to update you the production progress every week and tell you the estimated delivery date when every update. If a good supplier, it is what they actively do.
once the order will be or has been delayed, tell what you think after taking the delay reason into your consideration.
Full attention to your money, no attention to your order quality. To quote a very short delivery time to attract your order, but can not meet the commitment after get the order.
This is not a good supplier.
If this supplier is irreplaceable because of the quality or price, or something else, you have to think out everything as comprehensively and thoroughly as possible.
Get ready to make up some problems or mistakes.
Not tell in advance what they can not do, always say yes, or no problem.
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Just supply products, no service or assistance to clients.
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Excellence Fireplace Appliance Co., Ltd is a professional electrical fireplace solutions provider for both Chinese domestic market and export markets.
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